Golf Ferrules

In 1946 a chemist by the name of Rollin Bohning started the Bohning Company Limited. This company was created during his retirement years after delving into his favorite sports and finding a lack of reliable golf equipment. Then in 1989 he entered the world of golf through acquiring Bly Corning Company and Putt-Z-Parts Corporation who were known for producing golf ferrules. Shortly after he created a program to retool molds and update machinery. Bohning began rigorous research with his company to improved their capacity to create golf ferrules and rings by giving a more secure bond to their ferrule assemblies. Now they have the ability to meet any customers needs due to decades of plastic injection molding experience.You know with such a rich history of focusing on this specific product that they know what it takes to bring you the best in golf ferrules. The golf ferrule is the part that is plastic right above the hosel of the golf club. Best Buy Golf Supply offers a wide range of golf ferrules for both irons, woods, and hybrids etc. Ferrules come in a wide range of lengths and sizes. We carry many different ranges of inside diameter and outside diameter ferrules for all clubs. Are you a professional club builder? Or even just build them for fun? Well then we have the kits for you! We have kits for irons, woods, combos and oversized ferrules.

Golf Ferrules Categories

Iron Ferrules
Wood Ferrules
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